About Maker Faire Ruhr

On 25 + 26 March 2017 the second edition of Maker Faire Ruhr transforms the DASA Working World Exhibition into a creative laboratory of ideas. Maker Faire Ruhr invites Makers of all kinds to present their innovative projects and share new and inspiring ideas. Come join us and become a maker yourself: At Maker Faire Ruhr you can discover exciting experiments surrounded by wooden typewriters, early televisions and manually driven printing machines. The setting of the DASA Working World Exhibition gives Maker Faire Ruhr its particular atmosphere – here some impressions from 2016:

A Maker Faire is a platform for young scientists and designers, but also for citizens, associations and hobbyists to present their projects to a broad public and to build networks with other Makers.

This video shows the spirit of what a Maker Faire is all about:

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