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Foamcube by fablab013

The all new Foamcube V4.0 will be unveiled for the first time at Maker Faire Ruhr. 4/5 axes of freedom CNC controlled hotwire will cut complex 3D shapes in minutes. will also present its multifunctional lasercutter / laser engraving machine and will hand out free lasercut give-aways to all Maker Faire visitors. Create your own design on the spot and have it lasercut while you wait!

Visitors can draw their own designs / logo’s / names etc. on white paper using black markers. Labmanagers will scan the drawing and instantly convert it to a lasercutting file. Visitors can choose from dozens of materials (acrylic, wood etc) and see their own design being produced on the spot. Of course visitors will be able to take home their own design in the form of keyhangers / wall plaques / doorhangers  Foamcube will give ongoing demonstrations on their all new 5 axes CNC foamcutter.

This stand addresses mainly the age group 7-80.