Ponytrap – Chamber Music for the Age of Electricity

Ponytrap is a viola, cello, and a massive robot drummer. Designed, built, and programmed by Quentin and Hilary Thomas-Oliver, this massive, thunderous machine reads music and runs on 4 auto batteries. It is powerful, portable, and off-the-shelf.


„Ponytrap will delight and entertain the crowd with performances by their robotic drum. Drop by and have a chat about how & why they built this wonderful contraption. //“If our post-industrial dystopia needs a soundtrack, Ponytrap can help…overlaying dark cello and viola against waves of thundering percussion, the result is a uniquely futuristic classical score of dark rhythms and haunting mechanics”
– The Austin Chronicle

“Ponytrap treats audiences to chamber music for the age of electricity, at once intimate and thundering, rigid and fluid, classical and industrial.”
– CultureMap Austin